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Next generation photo booth

Bring your photo booth into the new social era. In a world where TikTok and Instagram Reels rule the content space, short form video has never looked this good.

We’re able to setup anytime, anywhere. A compact and eye catching setup that’s non-intrusive guarantees a good time for your guests.



Get in touch! Request a quote, give us a call or send us an email. Whichever fits you best. We speak Finnish, English and Swedish.


We reply as quickly as we can with an offer. Let’s make this happen! We lock down any final details and prepare for the event.


We set up at the event. We work together to make sure that the staging and location is top notch, and create amazing video for your visitors.



During daytime, we create content at walberg.media. During nighttime, we create epic slow-motion 360 videos.

If you have any problems or questions, reach out. We’re here to help.



Our process is very straightforward. We’ve spent weeks polishing every single detail to make it as easy as possible both for you and your guests.

Click the buttons to watch our videos explaining everything from the size of our rig to the camera used, best practices for picking a location and what the event experience is like.

Our productions are fully carbon compensated, and shot on Netflix approved cameras. Fit for both Instagram and cinema.


  • We provide a technical service. We make sure everything works as intended and the camera produces amazing footage for everyone to enjoy.
  • The delivery time for each video is around 5 minutes. For big events, we can bring several editors to speed up this process.
  • The videos are delivered straight to everyones email and both the emails and videos can be customised to fit your needs. Need your company logo in the corner? No problem.
  • Decoration or staging is not included, but can be provided as a service, if needed. But this is usually best left to the event planners.
  • Confetti and props are not included, but can also be provided as a service. We do not have a stocked warehouse, so this needs to be agreed upon well in advance.

if preferred, you can also call us or send us an email.





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